SOJ Judo Newaza Class

SOJ 10-week newaza Program

Starting this November, learn self-defence and the fundamentals of Judo through a structured training program that will equip you with everything you need to know about Judo ground combat.

In 10 weeks, you will learn and get to practise:

6 Immobilization Techniques/Pins/Holds
5 Chokes/ Strangulation Techniques
8 Joint Locks Techniques

That’s 19 Judo Techniques that will come in useful when you play Judo for fun and fitness, compete or for self-defence!

Our classes are designed for anybody who has an interest in learning and mastering Judo ground combat – newcomers, beginners and existing Judo/BJJ players.

No prior Judo experience necessary!

Course Details

Instructor: Sensei Azfar Ali, 3rd Dan

Timing: Wednesdays 7.30pm-9.00 pm

Run Date: 23rd Nov 22- 25th Jan 23

Location: Yo:HA Tampines, Block 3, #03-12


Single Class: $25
5-Class Pass: $100 ( $20/class)
10-Class Pass: $180 ($18/class)

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