School of Judo@Farrer Park

Learn the gentle art of Judo at Farrer Park with School of Judo.

School of Judo conducts a dedicated Judo Beginner’s Class at Elite Sports Academy’s Farrer Park Gym.

In our Beginner’s Class, you will receive progressive coaching to attain competency and confidence in the sport of Judo.

Under the watchful guidance of Coach Jamie Jin, you will learn:

  • How to employ safe practices when falling
  • 5 main types of Judo Techniques that will increase your self-confidence and help to build your fitness
  • Judo drills and practices to build up your strength, endurance and overall fitness.

Why Judo?

  • An Olympic sport, Judo provides a systematic way for you to pick up fighting skills for fun and fitness
  • You learn self-defence from both the standing and ground perspective – train to be an all-rounded martial artist!
  • Played by millions of Judo practitioners around the world, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy grappling as a sport, regardless of your skill level.

Want to find out more? Sign up for a FREE trial to meet and learn from the School of Judo coaches!

Day: Saturday
Location: Elite Coach@Farrer Park, 291 Serangoon Road,#03-00(Farrer Park MRT Exit A)
Time: 7.00pm – 8.15pm

UPDATE: NEW Mixed Level Class conducted by Sensei Azfar
Time: 6.15pm – 7.30pm

Learn From A Dynamic and Experienced Judo Coach

Coach Jamie Jin is one of Singapore’s youngest and most dynamic coaches.

Coach Jamie holds the rank of 1st Dan from the Korea Judo Federation and has been practising Judo for well over 15 years.

An active competitor and astute Judoka, Coach Jamie has a meticulous style of teaching that helps you learn the finer points of Judo techniques. Combined with his ability to analyse Judo movements, Coach Jamie will give you the best start to learning Judo fundamentals and basics.

Don’t miss this chance to get a head start with Coach Jamie; Sign up for a FREE trial today!

Learn Judo Fundamentals when you come for our Trial Class

Sign up for a trial class and you will :

  1. Find out the technical tricks to execute throws effortlessly
  2. Gain the ability to take-down your opponents confidently
  3. Discover Judo in a fun, friendly environment

Oh, and Judo uniform is optional! You can come in your sports attire (shirt and shorts) or even your BJJ uniform if you have one.

Bring a Buddy Along and receive +1 Free Class Pass After the Trial!

Judo is all about mutual welfare and benefit – helping and partnering one another to become better practitioners. Come with a buddy to our trial class and receive a complimentary School of Judo Single Entry Pass to any one of our classes!


School of Judo prides itself on being a community-focused club. At SOJ we take great care to ensure that:

  1. You learn Judo and grappling in a safe and conducive environment
  2. You have access to our coaches’ guidance and advice when you need them
  3. You achieve goals – whether you’re looking to get more fit, or level up your grappling game – in a progressive and guided manner.

Judo at Great Value

We are a no-frills kind of Judo club.

Pricing is simple, transparent and, as our members attest, very value-for-money.

1-month pass : $80 (4 lessons)

3-month pass : $220 (12 lessons)

or if you want a whole year’s worth of Judo lessons + great value for money:

1-year pass at only $800! (u.p. $960).

Do note that Annual Passes are limited and are sold on a first-come first-served basis.

If you are still unsure..

You are not alone! Many of our members check us out through trial classes before joining us.

Sign up for a trial lesson, meet the folks, talk to the coaches, and find out why millions of people around the world are so passionate about judo!

Pick up a valuable skill in 2023 – Sign up for your Free Trial here:

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