Our Coaches

Azfar Ali

Head Coach

Azfar is currently a National Registry of Coaches(NROC) coach teaching Judo at Saint Joseph’s Institution(SJI), Catholic Junior College(CJC) and Assumption English School(AES).

He has extensive experience teaching Judo for adults in various settings. Besides being the Assistant Head Coach at the Singapore Judo Club, he has previously coached Judo at BJJ, Krav Maga and MMA gyms.

At the national level, he is the High Performance Manager for the Singapore Judo Federation and was the Team Manager for the Judo National Team at SEA Games 2017 and 2019.

Email me: admin@schoolofjudo.com

Mike Hou(Dr)


Mike Hou progressed in the sport of Judo as fast as he did in his career. Within 4 years of picking up the sport, Mike obtained his 1st Dan and has been practising Judo ever since.

Outside of Judo, Mike was a former Major in the Singapore Navy and recently obtained his PhD in Psychology from the National University of Singapore.



Vincent started his Judo back in a sports school in France and has a wealth of experience in techniques and training methods. A skilled and quick fighter, Vincent has won numerous medals in local competitions and is proving that the French style of Judo is formidable on the mats. Outside of Judo, Vincent is a sociable man and enjoys a round( or a few rounds) of beer after training.

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