School of Judo Syllabus

June-November 2022

Students in SOJ classes get to practise both Standing Techniques(Tachiwaza) and Ground Techniques(Newaza) in every session.

Every class on Sunday is 2 hours long, from 3pm to 5pm. In each class, SOJ coaches will go through and guide students on the practice of at least 2 techniques – one Tachiwaza and one Newaza.

Over the course of only a few months, SOJ students will be exposed to the huge variety of techniques that Judo has to offer.

JUNE 2022

JUNE 5th : a. Competitive Variation of Seoi Nage
b. Kata Gatame + Escape

JUNE 12th : a. Tai Otoshi
b. Kata Sankaku Turnover

JUNE 19th : a. Uchi Mata
b. Yoko Shiho Gatame + Escape

JUNE 26th : a. Competitive Variations of Osoto-Gari
b. Tachiwaza to Newaza Transitions

July 2022

JULY 3rd : a. Counter Technique: Tani Otoshi
b. Kesa Gatame to Hiza Gatame


JULY 17th : a. Sacrifice Technique: Tomoe Nage
b. Bow and Arrow Choke

JULY 24th : a. Yoko Gake
b. Hara Gatame ( Stomach lock)

JULY 31st : a. Grip Fighting – Grip Breaks
b. Turnover from Guard Position

August 2022

AUG 7 : a. Sode Tsurikomi-Goshi
b. Kami Shiho Gatame + Escape

AUG 14 : a. Morote Seoi Nage
b. Hadaka Jime

AUG 21 : a. Okuri Ashi Barai
b. Tate Shiho Turnovers

AUG 28 : a. Sumi Gaeshi
b. Ashi Gatame

September 2022

Sept 4th : a. Harai Goshi
b. Arm Lock from Guard

SEPT 11th : a. Uki Goshi
b. Kata Juji Jime

SEPT 18th : Hane Goshi
b. Sankaku Turnover I

SEPT 25th : a. Ushiro Goshi
b. Sankaku Turnover II

October 2022

OCT 2 : a. Judo Tactics: Developing a Tokui ( Favourite ) Technique
b. Newaza Defence I – Creating Space

OCT 9: a. Judo Tactics: Action-Reaction Techniques
b. Newaza Defence II – Breaking Control Points

OCT 16 : a. Judo Tactics: 2-Move Combination Techniques
b. Newaza Defence III – Defending From Arm-locks

OCT 23 : a. Judo Tactics: 3-Move Combination Techniques
b. Newaza Defence IV – Defending From Chokes


November 2022

NOV 6 : a. Basic Defence Against Throws
b. Tate Shiho Gatame

NOV 13th : a. Counter-Attacks with Minor Throws
b. Kami Shiho Gatae

NOV 20th : a. Defence Against Throws with Tai-Sabaki
b. Newaza 5-Hold Transition – “Around the World” I

NOV 27th: a. Counter-Attacks with Major Throws
b. Newaza 5-Hold Transition – “Around the World” II

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