School of Judo Curriculum

Your Judo journey starts with Module 1, and culminates in you demonstrating 68 throws, 38 ground techniques and becoming 1 Judo badass after 12 modules.

At present, School of Judo offers Module 1 classes on Sundays.

Based on demand and the availability of resources, we may offer other modules in the future.

Basic Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Judo

Fundamental Judo movements and basic throws and holds.

Techniques covered( Throws):

  1. One Arm Shoulder Throw
  2. Major Hip Throw
  3. Major Outer Reap

Ground Techniques:

  1. Scarf Hold
  2. Shoulder Hold

Module 2: Introduction to Basic Judo Tactics( Yellow-tip)
Drills to improve fundamentals and combination techniques.

Techniques covered:

  1. Two Arm Shoulder Throw
  2. Floating Hip Throw

Ground Techniques:

  1. Broken Scarf Hold
  2. Side 4 Quarters Hold

Module 3: Mastering Ashi Waza (Leg Techniques)

Basics of Leg Sweeps and using leg to throw.

Techniques covered:

  1. Advance Foot Sweep
  2. Propping Drawing Ankle
  3. Knee Wheel
  4. Lifting-pull Hip Throw

Module 4: Basic Arm Locks and Holds( Yellow Belt)
Principles of arm locks and combining throwing techniques with arm locks.

Techniques Covered:

  1. Cross Arm Lock
  2. Entangle Arm Lock
  3. Upper 4 Quarters Hold

Module 5: Intermediate Throws
Reaping, ‘Wheeling’ throws and Tai Otoshi.

Module 6: Completing Your Ground Combat Game ( Orange Belt)

Holding your partner from 4 sides and all directions. Principles of Chokes.

Intermediate Modules

Module 7: Sutemi Waza Primer

Back “sacrifice” techniques and side “sacrifice” techniques. “Sacrifice” = sacrificing your own balance.

Module 8: Sutemi Waza II ( Green Belt)
Executing throws in reaction to your opponent’s moves. Ground Combat tactics.

Module 9: Advanced Throws and Locks I

Traditional leg-grab throws and modified throws.

Module 10: Advanced Throws and Locks II ( Blue Belt)

Advanced locks and Chokes: Armpit Arm lock and Triangle Choke.

Module 11: Grading for Brown Belt I

Traditional throws – Demonstrative and Competitive Variations.

Module 12: Grading for Brown Belt II

Traditional arm locks – Demonstrative, Competitive and Self-Defence variations.

Advanced Modules

Module 13: Nage No Kata – First 3 Sets

Te-Waza, Koshi-Waza, Ashi-Waza

Module 14: Nage No Kata – Final 2 Sets (Black Belt)

Ma Sutemi Waza, Yoko Sutemi Waza

Module 15: Topics in Judo

Miscellaneous topics, guest instructors, tokui waza, in-depth technical teaching and learning

See a Module that interests you?

Let us know!

We may organize a class for you.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with Module 1

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