Do I need prior experience in Judo to join the classes?

If you are a complete beginner to the sport of Judo, we recommend that you start with Module 1, which will equip you with the necessary basics of the sport to play it safely.

If you have some prior experience in a grappling sport, you may jump in to join our Open Training Sessions, provided you are able to perform basic judo breakfall and rolls.

How big are class sizes?

For Modular classes, the class size is limited to 14 students per class ( 7 pairs of students).

For Open Training sessions, the limit is currently 16 people per session.

Class sizes are based on capacity constraints and Safe Management Measure put in place by the venue operator. They may change in the future.

Are there age restrictions?

At present, School of Judo only offers adult classes. There is no age limit, except that members have to be at least 12 years and above.

Do I need to wear a Judo uniform (Judo-gi) for classes?

If you have your own judo-gi, you can bring it along for classes.

If you are new to the sport, you can attend your first lesson in sports attire.

Subsequently, you may purchase a judo-gi at sports outlets islandwide such as Decathlon, Ranking Sport at Brash Basah Complex or Liang Seng Sports Equipment.

Alternatively, you may approach one of our coaches in class to order a judo-gi.

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