Module 1: Introduction to Judo

In Module 1, you will learn fundamental judo movements, methods of gripping and breaking balance, and 5 Judo techniques, comprising of 3 throws and 2 ground grappling techniques (Ne-waza).

1.Fundamental Judo Movements

Mastery of basics is key to the enjoyment of Judo

As a beginner to the sport, you will be guided by our coaches in performing fundamental judo movements safely and accurately.

You will learn skills such as :

  1. Stationary break falls
  2. Forward and backward rolls
  3. Rolling break fall
  4. Cartwheel
  5. ‘Shrimping’ and ‘reverse shrimping’
  6. 8 methods of body re-positioning – Tai Sabaki

2. Basic Grips and Break Balance

The proper method of holding the Judo-gi and breaking your partner’s balance

As a grappling martial art, Judo is distinguished by its usage of the judo-gi, or judo uniform. You will learn how to grip the judo-gi for maximum advantage, and use that grip to unbalance your partner to execute the perfect throw.

You will learn:

  1. The 6 methods of gripping the Gi, or uniform.
  2. 8 ways of unbalancing your partner.

3. Basic Throws and Ground Restraints

Your “starter pack” to playing Judo.

According to the Kodokan Judo Institute, there are 68 throwing techniques and 32 ground combat techniques in Judo.

As a first step in Module 1, our coaches will guide you in mastering these 5 essential techniques:

1. Ippon Seoi Nage ( One-arm Shoulder Throw)

2. O Goshi ( Major Hip Throw)

3. O Soto Gari ( Major Outer Reap)

4. Kesa Gatame ( Scarf Hold – ground technique)

5. Kata Gatame ( Shoulder Hold )

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